Waitrose Foundation

KHE has been a member of the Waitrose Foundation since its inception in 2009. Working with suppliers to the Waitrose supermarket chain in the UK, this foundation strives to improve the lives of farm workers and smallholders. A percentage of KHE’s profits go towards the Foundation Trust, where community members vote on educational, social or healthcare projects that directly benefit them.



Ngejas Maternity Unit

Muramati Maternity Unit

Muramati Primary School



KHE not only invests heavily in its own farms, but also into many smaller outgrower farms in Kenya. We thus enable more than a thousand smallholders to access the European Market with first class produce, grown to KHE and customer standards. This provides a vital, sustainable income for impoverished rural communities, and huge spin-offs in terms of community and environmental enrichment.


Environment & Sustainability




KHE believes in the protection of the environment, and to this end, we strive to limit the impact that our agricultural projects have on local ecosystems. Our Ontilili River Farm is located in an area monitored by the Laikipia Wildlife Forum. Here, we believe in optimal land use, as well as efficient deployment of fertilisers. We practice safe storage and disposal of chemicals and any other waste materials. We also believe in the efficient storage and utilisation of water and other natural resources. KHE has carried out a detailed identification of the various plant and animal species found on the farm, especially any endangered species. This has allowed us to control the impact of agriculture on the habitats of native wildlife. The responsibility for maintaining our environmental conservation policy is taken personally by the directors of the company.